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We are not a shelter whose cats are in and out but a Sanctuary where many of the cats live out their lives with us due to many different reasons. As a Sanctuary we feed our cats and kittens quality high protein food and special food to fit the many needs we have in the Sanctuary due to allergies and other problems.

Medical Donations

Medical donations for spay, neuters, vaccinations, dental cleanings, checkups, and other problems that come up can be made in several ways. Donations can be made directly to our veterinarian clinic at Cache Meadow Veterinarian Clinic by mail at 38 E. 2600 N. North Logan, UT 84341 or by phone at (435) 752-6135. Donations can also be made here on our website or by check to Kitty Haven Sanctuary of Utah at 1450 E. Main St., Trenton, UT 84338.

Dry Cat Food

-Friskies-Tender and Crunchy Combo, Surfin’ and Turfin’ Favorites, Griller’s Combo, Seafood Sensations, Gravy Swirlers, and Indoor Delights 

-Purina-Complete, Indoor, Beyond (Any Flavor) 

-Royal Canine Feline Dry Food (All Flavors from kitten to senior) 

-Science Diet-Kitten 

-ProPlan-Kitten, Adult, and Senior (All Flavors) 

Wet Cat Food

-Friskies (All Flavors both with gravy and pate) 

-Fancy Feast-Kitten (All Flavors), canned food (all flavors), Broths and tubs (all flavors) 

-ProPlan-Kitten, Adult, and Senior (All flavors) 


-Tidy Cats-Free and Clean Unscented


-SnuggleSafe Discs

-KMR Milk for Kittens

-CatSure Powder for Seniors

-Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softner-All Clean and Free or any other laundry detergent and fabric softner that is clean and free.

-Cat Condos and Cat Trees


-Towels, hand towels, and wash cloths (These can be gently used)

-Pillows (can be gently used)


-Fencing to enclose our feral cat colonies or special fencing to keep them on the property. See ideas at: The Purr...fect Fence.

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